The 31th board of EPU

Hey everyone,

My name is Hanna and I am the secretary of the 31st EPU Board of 2019-2020. I am nineteen years old and a second-year American Studies student. I am originally from a small town in Utrecht and I moved to Groningen last year to do American Studies here.

For me, American Studies was the only program I was excited to do. I drove up here from Utrecht to attend the University of Groningen Open Day. It is a two hour drive, so I left at seven in the morning. Tired from driving, I sat down in the Heymanszaal at nine. The lecture that followed had me hooked! I loved every second of it and instantly knew I wanted to join American Studies. If it wasn’t for that two hour drive (to which I wasn’t really looking forward in the first place) I would not have found out about American Studies at all. So I signed up, looked for a place to live and started life here. My first year flew by and now I am the Chairperson of the 30th Board of E Pluribus Unum, the study association connected to American Studies.

If you would have told me I would become a board member in my first week here, I would have laughed in your face. I was pretty shy and never thought it’d be something for me. But throughout the year, EPU became my favorite group of people among which I felt comfortable and myself. At the end of the year, applying for the board felt like a natural step to take to continue my time at EPU. I am looking forward to making the upcoming year the best it can be with all of our members, especially because it is our sixth lustrum!

I am sure you will see me around the university or at our events, if you do, don’t hesitate to say hi!

Kind regards,


A Word of Welcome

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